Make Your Tree Safe for Children

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How can I childproof my Christmas tree?

Make Your Tree Safe for Children

There's no denying that artificial LED fiber optic trees are appealing to the eye. However, as inviting as you think these trees look, they will be completely irresistible to toddlers. To any tiny child, a beautifully decorated and lighted Christmas tree will look like a dazzling, sparkling wonderland covered with toys. How can you keep your children and that poor tree safe?

Here are some super tips:

  • Refrain from using breakable ornaments that may plummet to the floor and shatter.
  • Refrain from putting ornaments on lower, reachable areas of the tree.
  • Don't decorate your tree with smaller objects that might me swallowed (this includes tinsel).
  • Completely avoid sharp decorations.
  • Use a sturdy stand that will prevent your tree from tipping.
  • Put your tree in a playpen—they have the ability to keep tykes in so they can do the opposite, right?



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