You Can't Overdo Christmas Decorations

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What can I add to my LED fiber optic trees?

You Can't Overdo Christmas Decorations

LED fiber optic trees come straight to your door ready to dazzle you with their light displays. There's no rule that says, however, that you can't add your own personal decorations to the tree (even though it will look beautiful without them). A good rule of thumb is that you can't go wrong with garland. Here are some garland application hints:

  • The amount of garland needed to decorate a tree is dependent on the size of the tree. About 10 foot of garland is generally needed for each foot of the tree.
  • Place garlands in straight or diagonal lines arrange in gently sagging patterns for a more delicate look.
  • Using a variety of different garland assortments can create a more dramatic effect..
  • Wind garland around the branches to secure it.
  • Use anything you like to make your own garland (popcorn, beads, ribbon, flowers, candy, shells, etc.).



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