Make Your Own Christmas Wonderland

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How can I turn my living room into a Christmas wonderland?

Make Your Own Christmas Wonderland

Once you've set up your LED fiber optic Christmas trees, you'll see that they need little decorating. This will leave you more time to focus on decorating the rest of your home. Want some ideas? Christmas is a magical time so why not make a temporary extreme change to your living room? Ever wish you had a beautiful Christmas wonderland in your own home? You can! Remove all of your normal décor (paintings, vases, plants, etc.) and store them in a safe place. Next, string up garland, hang stockings, line the falls with festive Christmas pictures (even if they're merely magazine cut-outs).

*If you want an even more dramatic effect, transform your furniture as well. Buy some festive holiday slipcovers or make some yourself and cover your ordinary furniture.



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