Christmas Tree Cutting is a Two Man Job

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How do I cut down a Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree Cutting is a Two Man Job

So you hiked all the way through that Christmas tree farm and found the best tree in the woods. Now what? Cut it down, dummy! If you're unsure about how, exactly to cut down a tree, don't improvise.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get the job done:

  1. Cutting the tree is easiest when done by two people.
  2. The person in charge of cutting should lie on the ground while the other person supports the tree and holds up the lower branches.
  3. As the cutter cuts the helper should gently tug on the tree to ensure that the saw slit remains open and the saw does not become lodged.
  4. And, all pulling on the tree should occur on the side of the tree opposite of the cut.
  5. A back cut should be made before the final cut coming from the opposite side.



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