Make Your Own Skirt

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How can I make my own Christmas tree skirt?

Make Your Own Skirt

Before you spend all that cash on a fancy Christmas tree skirt that you find in a store or online be aware that you have ability to create something just as nice that will suit your personal tastes for far less cash. Whether you're handy with the needle and thread or not, you can definitely make a decent skirt using a simple Christmas tree skirt pattern.

You can find a multitude of tree skirt patterns online so take some time to surf the web and find one that you like or pick up a book at the library. The best part about creating your own skirt is that you can pick a fabric that will go perfectly with your decorating scheme and you can add any accents or embellishments that you'd like—go crazy! And, if you make a few mistakes, so what, the skirt will be bunched up under the tree and probably covered in presents—I bet no one will ever notice.



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