Did Martin Luther King Invent the Christmas Tree?

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Did martin luther King set up the first Christmas tree?

Did Martin Luther King Invent the Christmas Tree?

A popular theory having to do with Christmas tree history is that the first lighted Christmas tree was set up by Martin Luther King. It's said that one cold winter Martin was out walking on Christmas Eve. It was cold and the sky was clear and full of stars. He was taken by the beauty of the evergreens covered with snow so he chopped one down, brought it inside, and decorated it with lit candles. He then told his children that Christ was Light of the World and had lit up the night sky that Christmas Eve.

*There's a certain irony in this theory that discredits it, however, as Martin Luther King is a famed reformer who denounced Christmas.



10/27/2006 6:25:50 PM
Dave Davis said:

I think you mean Martin Luther, without the King. Martin Luther King was the civil rights activist. And it does appear that the reformist Martin Luther did not invent or even endorse a Christmas tree. It most likely was a fad that was started by reformists and gained an underground cult like acceptance and soon became an acceptable practice.

12/21/2006 4:04:47 PM
mark said:

Martin Luther King was the preacher who promoted the rights of African Americans. He was named after Matrin Luther, a monk who began the protestant reformation.

11/8/2007 7:11:28 PM
Mary said:

That story was Martin Luther in the 16th century.

12/12/2007 8:20:48 PM
JayC said:

I agree that this refers to Martin Luther the monk and not MLK. Off by a couple of centuries.

12/18/2007 5:15:11 PM
lisa said:

There are many theories behind the Christmas tree. It did originate in Europe and the custom was brought to America. However the Christian theory was started by Martin Luther, 1483-1546, not Dr. Martin Luther King.

12/14/2011 4:05:48 PM
Andy said:



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