The End of Druid Beliefs

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Why is a Christmas tree a fir tree?

The End of Druid Beliefs

What is the real history of Christmas tree emergence? And, why a fir tree? The Christmas tree origin is often traced back to a precise event in the beginning of the 8th century A.D. in northern Germany. An early Christian missionary, now referred to as St. Boniface, chopped down an enormous oak tree that was a major place of worship for the then Druid people.

By destroying the tree Boniface hoped to destroy the old religious beliefs, symbolically. The legend goes on to say that after the tree was gone a fir sapling was left (or later emerged, depending on the version of the legend). Boniface believed that this new tree was symbolic of a new beginning and offered it as a symbol of new Christian beliefs. Fir trees then came to be associated with Christian rituals in this part of the world.



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I found the belief to be interesting. Do you have any prof to this?


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