Legends and Myths of Christmas Trees

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Are all of the stories about Christmas trees true?

Legends and Myths of Christmas Trees

The exact history of Christmas trees isn't really clear. There are so many legends, tales, and myths associated with Christmas trees that it's hard to distinguish some truth from the made up stories. There are many stories, however, that are made up for sheer amusement purposes.

Here is one such story: A young woodsman came across a cold and hungry child one Christmas Eve long ago. The woodsman didn't have very much money yet he still offered the child a meal and a place to stay for the night. When woodsman awoke the next morning the child was gone but there was a beautiful, glittering tree in front of his home. The hungry child had been the Christ Child in disguise. Christ created the tree to show his thanks to the woodsman.



11/15/2006 8:59:37 AM
ebonney said:

It might be true and it might not, but it's a goo story


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