Is it Time to Throw Out That Tree?

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When should I get rid of my Christmas tree?

Is it Time to Throw Out That Tree?

When should get rid of those browned, dried-out pine trees? The proper time to take down a Christmas tree is a matter of personal preference. Many people take down their trees the day after Christmas while others let theirs stay up until New Years—sometimes beyond.

There really isn't a designated day on which you should remove a tree from your home but a good time to think about it is when that thing starts to dry out. A well-cared-for Christmas tree should stay fresh well through the holiday season; some trees will last even longer than that while others will dry out well before.

Test the branches and needles to evaluate your own tree.

  • Do the needles come off in handfuls?
  • Is there a pile of debris on the floor?
  • Is that tree brown?

These are all signs that you should drag that thing to the curb. Use some good judgment when assessing your tree.



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