Methods of Disposal

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How should I dispose of my Christmas tree?

Methods of Disposal

So that Fraser Fir finally bit the dust, now what do you do with it? Believe it or not, you have multiple options when it comes to disposing of your yuletide décor. Here are some ideas to help you choose your own personal method of disposal:

  • See if your community offers curbside pick-up or drop-off locations for recycling or disposing of trees.
  • Christmas trees can be used for mulch or in a compost heap if chipped.
  • You can set your tree up in your yard and use it as a bird or squirrel feeder.
  • You can use your tree to cover your fishpond.
  • Christmas trees are good sources of firewood.



12/6/2006 9:16:14 AM
me said:

"Christmas trees are good sources of firewood." where do you get your info?? No they are not good for firewood. How do you fit it into what ever you are going to burn it in?? The diameter of the trunk and branches are much too small to be of any use for supplying heat. They will burn much too fast, posing a hazard. Better check out your facts. You also have quite a few typos.


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