Artificial Christmas Tree Simplicity

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Is it hard to set up an artificial Christmas tree?

Artificial Christmas Tree Simplicity

Can you imagine how many hours it must take those store clerks to set up all of those artificial Christmas trees that seem to appear in stores long before the children of the nation shriek, “Trick or Treat!”? While the actual careful decoration of the artificial Christmas trees probably takes a fair bit of time, the process of simply assembling an artificial Christmas tree is very quick. No need to warm up your torso before diving into this activity. Don't even bother looking for directions, they're not needed.

Once you've browsed all of the Christmas tree sales and finally settle on the perfect pre-lit artificial Christmas tree for your home, here's what you do:

1) Open the box

2) Take out the tree

3) Stand it up

4) Plug in the lights

Congratulations! You're done. Phew. Bet you didn't even work up a sweat. If only your great-great-great grandpa could see you know. In his day, he probably had to walk uphill both ways with a heavy ax in his hand, searching for the perfect Christmas tree. Then there was the hand-made tree stand that never quite seemed to fit the base of the tree. Oh, and don't forget the fact that the tree (which looked beautiful in its natural habitat) looked ridiculous in the house. Rejoice! Christmas just got a whole lot easier.



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