Artificial Christmas Trees and Common Sense

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What are some extra safety tips to keep my family safe this Christmas?

Artificial Christmas Trees and Common Sense

The best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is when the Christmas tree sales start up shortly after the holidays. But just because you've decided to go with an LED. artificial tree, doesn't mean you're completely exempt from safety hazards. It's true that LED. lights are much safer than traditional lights. For one thing, they don't get nearly as hot which means you don't have to worry about the drying effects related to a live tree. No need to water an artificial tree either!

However, as safe as LED. artificial trees are, it's still important to exercise some common sense over the holidays. Here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe:

1) A national authority on artificial Christmas trees reports that while artificial Christmas trees are safer than traditional trees in terms of fire hazards, they can still catch on fire. Look for an artificial tree that is “flame retardant” but remember, that simply means the tree won't immediately go up in flames if exposed to a hazard. The potential for fire is still there.

2) Watch that small children don't put artificial tree boughs in their mouths. Many artificial trees are made with PVC, which can disperse toxins.

3) Don't go out and leave the Christmas tree lights on. Better to be safe than sorry, even with LED lights.

Purchasing a pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree is one important step to your safety over the holidays. A little extra common sense is just part of the package.



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