Shopping for Small Artificial Christmas Trees

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Is there a good quality artificial Christmas tree that will fit into my small apartment?

Shopping for Small Artificial Christmas Trees

Pick up any home interior design magazine and you'll likely drool over the vast space and epic expense accounts the home owners must surely have. Even simple advertisements in magazines depict 10 foot artificial Christmas trees adorned with only the best ornaments on the market. Put the magazine down and have a look around your place. Small apartment with limited space? Small bungalow-style home with more family than space? If this sounds like you, there are some things you should know before perusing the Christmas tree sale at

Consider purchasing a specially-made “slender” or “slim” tree to fit into tight spaces. You'll still have the benefit of a tree that stands tall, it just won't extend into your living space too much.

If you're comfortable with forgoing tradition, consider buying a “stick tree” at a Christmas tree sale. These trees have an art-deco appearance to them and look beautiful when lit at night. The best part: they don't take up a lot of space.



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