A Miniature Christmas Tree isn't Just for Christmas

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Can I put my small Christmas tree out during other holidays?

A Miniature Christmas Tree isn't Just for Christmas

Do you hate putting those miniature Christmas trees away after Christmas is over? You can actually keep your small Christmas tree up all year and decorate it according to the next holiday that is approaching.

When Easter rolls around, decorate the tree with eggs (not the edible kind, of course!), cute little chicks or bunnies and pink, blue or yellow ribbon. You can even add Easter themed lights.

When July 4th arrives, decorate that small tree with patriotic items, such as small flags, red, white and blue ribbon and an Uncle Sam hat.

At Thanksgiving, add some fall-themed items such as pumpkins, gourds and orange and brown ribbon and place it as the centerpiece on your dinner table.

Small Christmas trees aren't just for Christmas anymore.



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