How to Store that Small ChristmasTree

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How should I store my small tree?

How to Store that Small ChristmasTree

Many people store their small Christmas tree in a box in the garage or the attic. Unfortunately, a cardboard box can attract unwanted visitors that may burrow inside. Dust can also get inside the boxes, no matter how tightly taped. The best way to store that mini tree is to keep it in a storage bag that fits snugly and securely around your tree. You don't want a storage bag made from something that is going to rip easily, so don't stuff your small Christmas tree into a garbage bag. You should use a storage bag that is made of a durable material. offers a free storage bag for all of their trees, even the small ones. Not only will packing your small tree in a storage bag help it last longer, but it will also take up less space.



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