Big Ornaments, Small Tree?

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Should I have lots of big ornaments on my small tree?

Big Ornaments, Small Tree?

When you pull out your small tree to decorate it this year, take a look at the ornaments that will hang from that tiny tree. Are your ornaments large or small? Would you be able to see them well if they were hanging on a standard size Christmas tree? If the answer to that question is "yes", you might want to consider purchasing some smaller Christmas ornaments to adorn your little tree.

Think about decorating your little tree the same way you would if you were dressing a small child. You wouldn't put clothes that are two sizes too big on the child, because he would get lost in them and it would look pretty silly. The same goes for decorating a small Christmas trees. Ornaments that are too big can not only weigh down the branches, but also overpower the tree making it look unnatural. While ornaments add beauty to a small tree, you don't want to cover it completely with large decorations that will take away from the beauty of the tree. It is better to just keep it simple and small when decorating your small Christmas tree.



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