Swap - Don't Scrap - Those Christmas Decorations

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Is there a cheap way to replace my old Christmas decorations?

Swap - Don't Scrap - Those Christmas Decorations

Tired of looking at the same old Christmas tree decorations year after year? When you've had enough of your Christmas tree decorations, consider having friends over for a decoration swap. Give your friends a call and ask them if they have any ornaments (even garland, a wreath or mini Xmas trees) that they don't want anymore. Make some specialty coffee or hot chocolate and invite your friends over. The more friends involved the better! Think back to when you were a kid trading one toy for another, or lunch bag desserts for something that looked so much better. It's the same idea, except now you're trading Christmas tree decorations.

Not only is it a great way to get a new look for Christmas, it's the perfect way to relax with friends just before the craziness of the holiday season sets in. The next time you're out visiting your friends, you might not even recognize your old ornaments in their new home. Just don't ask for them back.



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