A New Use for That Christmas CD

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What type of craft can I do with my kids to help them decorate their own Christmas tree?

A New Use for That Christmas CD

Kids love to do crafts, especially around the holiday season. When it comes time to decorate the Christmas trees in your home, let the kids decorate their own tree with their own homemade decorations. Take a look around the house, in your car, or even in your office, and round up as many old scratched CD's as you can find. Can't find any? You can buy a spindle of 50 CDs for around $20. Clear a space on the floor or on a large table, covering it with plastic or newspaper to protect your furniture. You'll also need a container of non-toxic glue (big enough to dip the CDs into), and a number of containers filled with craft glitter. Using a large set of tweezers, have the kids dip a CD into the glue, being careful to cover both sides equally. Then, before the glue dries, let the kids choose the glitter color they want to use and dip the CD into it, being careful to coat both sides. Thread some string or yarn through the center hole and hang to dry. Presto! Instant Christmas tree decorations.

Of course, you don't have to stop there. Use your imagination to come up with all sorts of new and innovative Christmas tree decorating ideas. Forget stringing popcorn and cranberries! That's old school. This year, get into some new and exciting crafts and really jazz up that Xmas tree.



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