Christmas Is for the Dogs ... and Cats

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What can I do special for my pet this Christmas?

Christmas Is for the Dogs ... and Cats

We sure do love our pets so why do we forget about them during the Christmas holidays? Sure we might buy them a squeaky toy or some cat or dog treats, but what about setting up their own little Christmas trees? Think about it. What could be better than giving the cat his own tree to bat around with his little paws? For as little as $20 or $30 dollars, you can buy a two foot Christmas tree completely pre-lit. For safety purposes, make sure there are no loose bulbs or anything the animal could ingest. To decorate the Christmas tree, stay away from anything like tinsel or glass. Remember, the Christmas tree is for the pet to enjoy, not for your friends to admire. Purchase toy mice and string them up by the tails! Your cat will have a blast swatting them off the tree. For your dog, purchase chewable dog bones, or noisy toys that they can take from the Christmas tree. Just remember, the tree probably isn't going to stay standing for long, but even if you get an hour's worth of laughter watching your pet enjoy himself, it'll be worth it the time and effort.



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