Turning Down the Heat of Christmas

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How can I make my Christmas less frustrating and safer?

Turning Down the Heat of Christmas

There was a time when moms and dads everywhere dreaded the nuisance of stringing up the Christmas lights. First, they had to be untangled from the box in which they were stored the previous year. Then, they had to be plugged in to determine whether or not they even worked. Sometimes, if one light was out, the whole string of lights wouldn't work. What a pain in the candy cane! The bulbs came in standard colors of red, blue or clear, and were the size of lemons. In fact, they gave off so much heat that they had to have aluminum backing to protect the tree.

Now, with the advent of LED pre-lit trees, there's no more worry about excessive heating. These days, when you reach your arm behind the tree for that special Christmas present, you don't have to worry about getting third-degree burns from the Christmas tree lights.

If you want to do away with tangled cords and fire hazards this Christmas, consider introducing your family to one of these new LED artificial Christmas trees.



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