No Fuss Fake Christmas Tree

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What's the benefit of a no-plug, pre-lit L.E.D. artificial Christmas tree?

No Fuss Fake Christmas Tree

There was a time when families had to move furniture away from a corner of the living room so that they'd have a place to stand their Christmas tree. The spot had to be away from heaters, or heating elements, and usually had to be anchored to the wall with a nail and a string (especially if it was a large, real tree). Even with some of the newer artificial Christmas trees, lights still have to be strung which means the tree has to be somewhere in the vicinity of an electrical outlet. The constraints of this type of artificial tree can really limit your options.

On the market now are designer and classic artificial Christmas trees that need no electrical outlets. It's really just a matter of plugging an LED unit into the base of the tree, which means the artificial tree can be set up pretty much anywhere in your home. This kind of technology makes it possible to accommodate your artificial Christmas tree to your home, not the other way around.

All you need is a simple adapter. Once you decide where you'd like to setup your tree, the hardest decision you're going to have to make is what color it'll be on any given night. Do you want your neighbors to see a brilliant splash of multi-colored lights glowing from the tree as they drive past your home, or would you prefer to feast your eyes on the classy simplicity of pure white lights? Remember, with a pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree, you have the option of putting your tree anywhere in the house, including in front of your living room window.



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