Silent Nights With Your Artificial Christmas Tree

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Is it possible to buy artificial Christmas tree lights that don't make a lot of noise?

Silent Nights With Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Good friends, hot apple cider and the sound of a crackling flame all come to mind when we think of Christmas entertaining. The incessant buzz of a motorized color wheel does not.

When you purchase an LED artificial tree from, you won't have to worry about that kind of racket. The trees come with a silent LED unit that simply plugs into the base of the tree. Trees that are more than 7 feet tall come with two units to ensure that the entire artificial tree is lit from top to base.

At Christmas, the only background noise you should hear is the soft sound of Christmas music, laughter, and the “clink” of glasses toasting to good friends. Your artificial tree should be the focal point, not the vocal point.



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