The Plain Artificial Christmas Tree

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Is it possible to buy a plain, green, artificial Christmas tree with no lights?

The Plain Artificial Christmas Tree

The next time you're shopping, try to find a plain, non-lit, artificial Christmas tree. For those people looking for a realistic, green, artificial Christmas tree without the fancy lights and doo-dads, it's a struggle. Luckily, sells full, lush, green trees, without the extras.

These artificial trees are the perfect option for people looking for a subtle, but classic look this season. It's a good choice if you prefer fewer lights and don't mind stringing them yourself. You might not even want lights on the tree at all, especially if you're aiming for an old-fashioned look complete with homemade decorations. An artificial tree dressed with ginger cookie decorations, cranberry and popcorn garland and hand-knit ornaments will look best on its own, without being overpowered by flashing lights.

There are many reasons for wanting a plain green artificial Christmas tree. Just make sure the one you buy looks just as realistic without decorations as it does with decorations. The more realistic it looks out of the box, the better it's going to look in your home.



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