All I Want for Christmas is an Allergy-free Season

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How can I reduce my allergies to the Christmas tree this year?

All I Want for Christmas is an Allergy-free Season

Feeling like sticking with just garland as the sole source of Christmas decoration this year? If you suffer from allergies, you might be tempted to do just that this Christmas. While people often complain about the tree as their source of misery, physicians say that the main reason for allergy attacks has more to do with the mold spores and chemical sprays typically found on a live Christmas tree.

Step back and take note of when your symptoms are worse. Is it when you're dragging the tree through your house and setting it up to decorate? Do the symptoms become worse again when it's time to take the tree down? It's very possible that your allergy attacks have nothing to do with the tree at all. Consider your Christmas tree decorations, how they're packed and where they were packed. Decorations that have been packed in cardboard boxes are probably damp and have mold spores within the cardboard itself. Even a light coating of dust on your heavy plastic containers could be enough to stir up an allergic reaction.

This Christmas, don't blame the tree! It might be tempting to decorate with nothing but garland, but consider purchasing a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree if you believe the tree is the true culprit. Wear a protective mask over your mouth and nose while unpacking Christmas decorations, or better yet … let someone else do it.



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