Eliminating Christmas Light Aggravation

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How can I avoid suffering through burned out Christmas tree lights this year?

Eliminating Christmas Light Aggravation

The eternal optimist will approach the box of last-year's Christmas tree lights with hope. Maybe, just maybe, they will all work beautifully. The pessimistic soul, however, will grumble and complain from the moment they lift the cover from the storage box all the way through the frustration of untangling cords.

When the moment of truth comes, everyone holds their collective breaths. You stretch toward the electrical outlet, plug in hand, hoping for the best. The lights flash on and for a split second you feel relief. But then you see it. There's actually an entire strand of lights out. Now what. You could spend the next few hours going through each and every bulb to see which one was burned out, and replace that bulb, or you can go down to the store and buy a new set?

This Christmas, save yourself the aggravation and invest in a LED pre-lit artificial tree. No wires and no aggravation. If you happen to find a burned out LED light, most artificial trees come with easy to replace light bulb units.



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