Christmas Bedroom Decorating for Kids

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What can I do to get the kids involved in Christmas decorating?

Christmas Bedroom Decorating for Kids

The best way to ensure the kids feel involved in Christmas planning and decorating is to give them something that's truly their own creation. In addition to spending time making homemade Christmas tree decorations, consider the possibility of purchasing individual fiber-optic trees or LED artificial Christmas trees for each of your children. Expensive? Not at all. In fact, it's only going to cost about $30 for a two foot fiber-optic Christmas tree. This type of tree is a safe option for children's bedrooms, are inexpensive, and easy to decorate. Because LED lights are very cool to the touch, you won't have to worry about your children getting burned on them or having their homemade ornaments go up in flames because the bulbs became too hot.

Of course, a little common sense is always a good idea. Make sure the fiber-optic trees are turned off at bedtime or when you leave the house. If you're not comfortable with, or can't afford the expense of buying individual trees for your children's rooms, consider buying fiber-optic garland, wreaths, or mini battery-operated Christmas trees for the kids to decorate their rooms with. Let them use their own creativity without your own suggestions or input. Turn it into a yearly holiday tradition!



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