Christmas Decorations for Tight Spaces

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Can I find a tree to fit into my small apartment space?

Christmas Decorations for Tight Spaces

Apartment living has its benefits, but space isn't usually one of them. People spend money on interior designers and seek advice from experts on how to make their apartments appear larger than they actually are. When Christmas rolls around, finding a spot for a full-sized Christmas tree can be tricky. Decorating a small apartment with typical Christmas decorations like a wreath, garland, candles, etc., is relatively easy, but where are you going to move your furniture to accommodate that full-sized Christmas tree?

Because of fire hazards inherent with live Christmas trees, apartment owners and landlords may discourage their use. Your best bet would be to buy a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. If you shop around, you can find Christmas trees to accommodate just about any need.

These days, artificial trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including slimmed down versions designed to fit into tight corners and spaces. If a full-sized tree isn't your top priority, you could also consider purchasing a table-top tree or a half-sized version. A four foot artificial tree might be the perfect solution to your space restrictions. This year, enjoy your pre-lit wreaths, garland and specialty-size artificial Christmas tree without sacrificing furniture or space.



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