Double Check Your PreLit Christmas Tree Bulbs

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Why should I double check my pre-lit Christmas tree bulbs?

Double Check Your PreLit Christmas Tree Bulbs

Just like with any purchase you make, you'll want to ensure your prelit Christmas tree arrives in good condition. It's very important to check the tree for damage, especially the lights.

Check the lights for any noticeable cracks in them. If there is breakage or cracking, this could pose a fire hazard. Also, make sure the lights are properly secured into the socket they are in. Bottom line: Take note of lose or broken parts. Not only are they are fire hazard, but they could pose a choking risk to small children.

Even if you have a prelit Christmas tree for years, it's best to give it a look each season to ensure there are no damaged parts. This will make for a happy and safe holiday season!



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