3 Foot Christmas Trees: Perfect for Small Places

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What is so great about 3-foot artificial Christmas trees?

3 Foot Christmas Trees: Perfect for Small Places

A 3 foot Christmas tree is great for decorating an entryway or small area, such as a bathroom or kitchen. These small trees are also popular with college students for dorm rooms and with people who reside in small spaces. A 3 foot Christmas tree isn't going to take up much-needed space, but still allows you to decorate for the holiday.

Trees this size can be fiber optic trees and would run you about $45. The best part about a fiber optic tree is that they are easy to put together and safe since the lights don't heat up! You can even purchase a 3 foot fiber optic tree in white for a bit more flair, but beware, these ones sell out fast!

Want a tree with no lighting? You can find a 3 foot Christmas tree that is bare, allowing you to decorate as you please.

Want to decorate your porch? Many of these 3 foot Christmas trees can be used outside. Check the packaging to ensure that the tree (and any lights) can be safely used outdoors.



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