Other Artificial Tree Features

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What are some other artifcial tree features?

Other Artificial Tree Features

You can now purchase half-trees that don't take up much space, but look like a full tree. This is just one special feature of artificial trees. Here are a few more:

If you like trees that appear to have snow on them, you can get an artificial tree that is flocked. A flocked tree comes as large as 10 feet tall or as small as a table-top tree. A flocked tree can add a unique touch to your home.

If you want to get really funky, you can purchase a tree that is 7 to 8 foot tall, but it doesn't sit on your floor. Nope, instead it hangs from your ceiling. Upside down Christmas trees are becomingly increasingly popular and really do add a funky and fun look to the room they are hung in.

A spiral tree is yet another choice. This tree actually is more like a full tree branch that is wrapped around a decorative poll and is displayed in a pretty planter. These can be in many sizes, but typically they are 2 foot Christmas trees or a 4 foot Christmas tree. You can get these spiral trees pre-lit or in fiber optic depending on where you are purchasing the tree. Do some research on the Internet to learn more about these cool trees.



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