Different Tree Sizes for Different Rooms?

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What should I remember when decorating with several Christmas trees?

Different Tree Sizes for Different Rooms?

As you go about your Christmas decorating this season look around each room you have in your home. Would it be possible to add a different size Christmas tree in each room as decoration? If you are considering putting a different Christmas tree, whether pre-lit or fiber optic, in several rooms of your home, there are some things to consider.

  • If you have a very small room and you want to add a decorative Christmas tree, make sure the size fits the room. You don't want to put up a 7 foot Christmas tree in a small half bathroom. You could easily put a 2 or 3 foot tree in a small half bath, but anything larger will take over the entire room.

  • Is your family room very large with tall ceilings? Then you would most likely want a taller tree, such as a 9 foot ceiling. You want your Christmas tree that sits in a large, open room to be bigger so it doesn't look minute in a large space.

  • Do you have a dining room? Dining rooms are neat rooms to add a Christmas tree in. Many people have very formal dining rooms and want to dress up that room with a classy-looking Christmas tree. One way to do this is to place a slim tree with classic decorations and elegant ribbon throughout the tree. A slim tree won't take up much space and really has a classic look.



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