Is a Fiber Optic Tree Okay to Decorate?

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Can I decorate my fiber optic tree?

Is a Fiber Optic Tree Okay to Decorate?

What would be the point of purchasing a fiber optic Christmas tree to use as your actual tree this holiday if you couldn't decorate it? If you are intending to purchase a fiber optic Christmas tree this season, feel free to decorate it.

Many Internet sites may recommend that you decorate your fiber optic tree with only lightweight ornaments. Because the fiber optic light strand is similar to fishing wire, many believe that anything too heavy will damage the light source. Essentially it is up to you, most fiber optic Christmas trees can be decorated in the same manner with the same decorations you would use on a pre-lit Christmas tree. It is suggested to simply read the instructions that come with the fiber optic tree after purchase to see what is recommended for the brand of tree you have purchased if you are apprehensive about putting heavier decorations on your fiber optic tree.

A good fiber optic Christmas tree will have reinforced branches meaning they are extra strong and will hold even the heaviest of ornaments. If you want to ensure that purchase a fiber optic tree such as this, you will want to look for "reinforced branches" on the description.



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