What is a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

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What is a fiber optic Christmas tree?

What is a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

A fiber optic Christmas is tree is a fairly new type of tree and is growing in popularity! These cool trees look like your average tree until you plug it in. Your tree will brighten with fiber optic rays of light cascading from the branches of the tree, watch as the colors change throughout the tree and enjoy the magic that is a fiber optic tree.

While not a traditional pre-lit Christmas tree, with a fiber optic tree you won't have lights in cases throughout the tree, instead you will notice that just the tips of the branches have small, fiber optic lights on them. You simply plug the fiber optic tree into an AC outlet and your tree is lit! Your fiber optic tree will twinkle and sparkle for hours on end. Often times a fiber optic Christmas tree is referred to as a designer tree because of the classy way it looks with the thousands of tiny lights that twinkle throughout.



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