Fiber Optic or Pre-Lit? Which One is Right for You?

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Should I buy a fiber optic tree or a pre-lit tree?

Fiber Optic or Pre-Lit? Which One is Right for You?

Fiber optic Christmas trees and pre-lit trees both have their advantages, so deciding between the two may be difficult. It really comes down to what works best for you or your family.

Pre-lit Christmas trees can come with LED bulbs for bright-colored lights on the tree. This type of light lasts longer and saves you money on your electric bill. A pre-lit Christmas tree has the appearance of a traditional Christmas tree when it is and isn't lit.

Fiber optic Christmas trees can also come with LED lights, meaning this would save you money and the lights last up to 10 years, like pre-lit Christmas trees do. Fiber optic trees take on a more designer flare to them when compared to a traditional pre-lit tree. A fiber optic Christmas tree won't have the type of Christmas lights on them that you would normally relate to Christmas.

If you really want to continue with a more traditional tree at Christmas, then a pre-lit tree may be for you. If you want a more designer flare with a little less tradition when it comes to lights, a fiber optic tree may be the right choice for you! Both are really lovely choices when it comes to Christmas trees.



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