What if a Light Burns Out?

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What if my fiber optic Christmas tree lights don't work?

What if a Light Burns Out?

We hear all the benefits of a fiber optic tree, but what happens if a light burns out on your fiber optic Christmas tree? Since fiber optic lights aren't like traditional lights where you can replace one bulb when it burns out, what do you do if the lights aren't working?

The answer is easy. If the lights on your fiber optic Christmas tree are no longer working; it means the light unit probably needs replacing. You can purchase the light units at the store you bought the tree or do an online search for that specific type of light unit. Many other units just allow you to simply replace the bulb, whether it is a multi-colored bulb unit or a white bulb. Pretty easy, right?



12/25/2011 9:24:25 PM
m.roberts@frontier.com said:

What exactly is the "light unit"? Could use a description, or location suggestion? We want to get our revolving color light, tree back in working order. As it was a gift we don't know where it was purchased.


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