How Long Should I Leave My Fiber Optic Tree On?

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How long can I safely leave my fiber optic tree on?

How Long Should I Leave My Fiber Optic Tree On?

A normal concern for most of us is leaving the lights on too long on our Christmas tree.

If you use a halogen bulb, it is not recommended that you keep your tree lit for more than 8 hours at a time. However, if you purchase a fiber optic Christmas tree with an LED bulb, you can safely keep it on for more than eight hours.

A word of caution: It is never a good choice to leave your tree plugged in while you are away from home nor is it a good idea to keep the tree on while you are sleeping at night. Regardless of how safe your fiber optic Christmas tree is, it's always best to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Besides, think of all the electricity you are saving when you turn your tree off for the night or while you are at work!



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