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How do I know what size tree is right for me?

Which Size Tree is Right For You?

People often see the many choices in tree sizes and feel overwhelmed about what size of tree is right for them. There are some important things to think about when deciding on the perfect tree size.

  • How tall are your ceilings? You will want to give yourself at least one foot of space between the ceiling and the tree top, if not more.

  • Are you planning on putting a tree topper on top of your tree? If so, you will want even more space between the top of your tree and the ceiling.

  • Think about how much space you have near your floor. If you have lots of furniture, you don't want to have to put a wide tree into a cramped area. Consider going with a smaller tree with less width or get a tall, slim tree that fits your ceiling height, but will take up less space width-wise.

  • If space isn't available and you must put that tree in a corner somewhere, you can always look into purchasing a half-tree. This tree would have the back part of the tree missing, but looks like a complete tree from the front. When you set it in a corner, no one can even tell you have a half tree and it takes up a lot less space than a regular full tree would.

  • If you are worried about money, you really need to look at each tree and their size. Remember that with most fiber optic trees you get two color units, which means you can easily change the entire appearance of your tree. Fiber optic trees may be a bit more expensive than other trees, but you are getting more for your money because of the ability to change the light color. However, if you absolutely want to save money, you can buy a plain tree that has no lighting on it whatsoever. You can add your own lights, but to save money that way, use only LED lights. Taller trees are going to cost you more than smaller trees but there are always ways to make shorter trees appear taller.
Buying an artificial Christmas tree shouldn't be a decision you go into at the spur-of-the-moment. Do your research and study your home and your needs before making that final choice to bring one home.

What should I know about 8 foot Christmas trees?

Making your 8 Foot Christmas Tree Look Larger

If you've decided to save a little money and purchase an 8 foot Christmas tree, there are a few tricks to making it look bigger than it actually is.

Set your tree on a crate or something sturdy that adds height. Use a long Christmas tree skirt to drape around the crate.

8 foot trees are available in pre-lit, fiber optic and plain and usually average from $120 up to $300.

Why buy 4-foot Christmas trees?

4 Foot Christmas Trees

A 4 foot Christmas tree is the perfect size for many homes that want to add a little holiday flair to a room. You can easily set a 4 foot tree on a table without taking up excess width space. 4 foot trees are approximately 29 inches widel

4 foot trees can be found in pre-lit form, fiber optic and plain. You can often purchase them in green or white, with or without lights. You can purchase trees this size online or in retail stores for a little more than $100 if white pre-lit or fiber optic is your choice or between $50 and less than $100 for fiber optic or pre-lit trees.

What should I remember when decorating with several Christmas trees?

Different Tree Sizes for Different Rooms?

As you go about your Christmas decorating this season look around each room you have in your home. Would it be possible to add a different size Christmas tree in each room as decoration? If you are considering putting a different Christmas tree, whether pre-lit or fiber optic, in several rooms of your home, there are some things to consider.

  • If you have a very small room and you want to add a decorative Christmas tree, make sure the size fits the room. You don't want to put up a 7 foot Christmas tree in a small half bathroom. You could easily put a 2 or 3 foot tree in a small half bath, but anything larger will take over the entire room.

  • Is your family room very large with tall ceilings? Then you would most likely want a taller tree, such as a 9 foot ceiling. You want your Christmas tree that sits in a large, open room to be bigger so it doesn't look minute in a large space.

  • Do you have a dining room? Dining rooms are neat rooms to add a Christmas tree in. Many people have very formal dining rooms and want to dress up that room with a classy-looking Christmas tree. One way to do this is to place a slim tree with classic decorations and elegant ribbon throughout the tree. A slim tree won't take up much space and really has a classic look.

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