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Can I order a tree decorating kit?

Tree Décor in a Box!

Decorated Christmas trees are a sight to behold but some of us aren't artistic enough to pull off something well put-together. Are we doomed to a world of bland, uninspired trees dripping with tacky ornaments that have been thrown together? Of course not!

Those of us that can't decorate are not alone and that fact has not gone on noticed. Instead of struggling to throw together a decorating scheme by yourself, order a Christmas tree decorating kit. These ingenious kits are essentially tree décor in a box. They include 100 exclusive designs and assorted ornaments to help you create a wide variety of themes.

To get one of these kits, do a simple online search and you can have one delivered right to your doorstep. See, you're not completely hopeless!

How can I get my first tree decorated on a budget?

Have a Tree Decorating Party

A fully decorated Christmas tree can be an expensive task to accomplish, especially if you're a new couple just starting out. To make the project more fun and a lot less expensive, host a Christmas tree decorating party. Send out invitations to your friends and family and explain that you want to decorate your first Christmas tree and need some help.

Ask each invitee to bring an ornament or accent to contribute. In exchange for their contributions, reward your loved ones with a delicious meal. Set up a table buffet style and create a myriad of dishes and cocktails to set out. Make the dinner situation informal; allow guests to eat, decorate, and mingle all at once.

How can I decorate my tree with a beach theme?

Make Your Tree Reflect Your Personality

Surf's up! Your personal decorated Christmas tree should reflect you, your personality, and your lifestyle. If you live on the beach and are a self-declared beach bum, let that come across in your Christmas decorating. Decorate your tree using a beach theme. To achieve this look is simple, use the tips below:

  • Select a color scheme that is pastel and “beachy.”
  • Invest in some sea-themed Christmas lights (a simple online search will score you some shell-shaped lights).
  • String shells or beads up on your tree instead of popcorn or garland.
  • Instead of traditionally wrapping the gifts you will place under your tree, put the one that will fit into colorful beach buckets and accent and conceal them with tissue paper.
  • Use a colorful beach blanket or towel as a tree skirt.
  • Top the tree of with a starfish.

How can I make Christmas tree decorating easy?

Why Bother with the Hassles?

Decorated artificial Christmas trees can be a breath of fresh air to those that are super-busy. Picking out a live tree, hacking it down, setting it up, untangling and putting up those lights, and decorating the tree is, well, time-consuming. Artificial trees that come decorated and equipped with lights eliminate all the hassle. And, to make things even better, they can be ordered and delivered right to your door.

When you invest in an artificial decorated Christmas tree, the only thing you have to worry about is taking a few minutes to assemble the unit and plugging it into the wall. Finally, Christmas decorations can be simple.

How can I pick a Christmas decorating theme?

Get Your Decorating on Track

Want a beautifully decorated tree but don't know where to start? Gorgeously decorated trees can be hard to put together so it's best to come up with a game plan. It's a good idea to thumb through holiday magazines and look for pictures of trees that you like. Once you have ripped out a bunch of pages, spread them out, look for a common theme, and try to mimic it.

If all of the pictures are different, pick the one you like the best and try to achieve that look. Another great idea is to come up with your own theme. Color pairs always make great themes (think red and green, ivory and gold, mauve and silver, or navy and white). Pick a pair of colors and only buy ornaments and accents that are those colors. If you don't want to go with colors, go with something simple like a star or floral theme. Get creative and have fun!

How can I get tree decorating help?

Tree Decorating Isn't a Solitary Job

If you don't have a large family to help you create a fantastically decorated Christmas tree don't fret, you don't have to go at it alone. Tree decorating is a ritual stereotypically applied to family traditions and often symbolizes a time of bonding and togetherness. Just because you're not surrounded by family, however, doesn't mean that you can't get a helping hand—or even a dozen of them. Put together a tree decorating party.

Send out invitations inviting all of your closest friends to come over and help you tackle that Fraser fir. You'll be surprised at how many people will be eager and excited to help. Pull out those boxes of ornaments, whip up some appetizers, set up the cocktail bar, and get going. The fun is just beginning.

How can I make tree decorating fun?

Pump Up Your family About Tree decorating

Everyone knows that decorated Christmas trees are beautiful. In addition, a decorated tree will be all the more special if you get the whole family involved in the process. It's a known fact that kids can be hard to motivate so, in order to make tree decorating fun for them, it's essential that you take care to get everyone pumped up for it. Here are some great tips:

  • Build the event up by talking about it weeks ahead of time and emphasizing how important and fun the process will be.
  • Take the kids ornament shopping or allow them to create ornaments of their own ahead of time.
  • When the time arrives, announce it in a fun way; make special invitations or call everyone to assembly by singing a popular carol.
  • Make special holiday snacks to serve while everyone is busy decorating.
  • Take care not to be bossy about the process (i.e. don't tell the kids where and where not to put ornaments).

Can I have a Christmas tree in my dorm room?

Make Your College Dorm Festive

Just because you're in college doesn't mean that you can't decorate your dorm room to celebrate the holidays. Hang up lots of garland and accent it with big red bows. Too add some festive fragrance to your room (we all know that most dorm rooms can use that), buy some cinnamon sticks, tie them together in tiny bundles, and place them in a festive bowl. Are you dead set on a Christmas tree for your dorm? Opt for a small decorated Christmas tree.

While you may not have the giant fir that you're used to at home you can still create holiday ambiance without filling your room with a massive tree. It's a good idea to get a tree with built in LED lights and fiber optics; these trees don't require decorating and will not be a fire hazard—won't your R.A. be pleased?

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