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How can I make my own Christmas tree skirt?

Make Your Own Skirt

Before you spend all that cash on a fancy Christmas tree skirt that you find in a store or online be aware that you have ability to create something just as nice that will suit your personal tastes for far less cash. Whether you're handy with the needle and thread or not, you can definitely make a decent skirt using a simple Christmas tree skirt pattern.

You can find a multitude of tree skirt patterns online so take some time to surf the web and find one that you like or pick up a book at the library. The best part about creating your own skirt is that you can pick a fabric that will go perfectly with your decorating scheme and you can add any accents or embellishments that you'd like—go crazy! And, if you make a few mistakes, so what, the skirt will be bunched up under the tree and probably covered in presents—I bet no one will ever notice.

How can I make my tree look taller?

Get a Taller Tree Without Paying All the Extra Money

So, you want that 10 foot artificial tree but don't want to shell out and additional $100-$200 for it? You don't have to! Here's a valuable tip to achieve that larger tree appearance without paying extra for it: Place a sturdy wooden box (about a foot tall) under your Christmas tree stand. Then, place a Christmas tree skirt over the box to conceal it.

Using this method you will be able to increase the height of your tree drastically. The best part is that it will look as though you actually did spring for the 10 footer. Manufacturers make artificial Christmas trees taller by adding larger more costly lower branches—these are likely branches you won't decorate anyway so why pay for them? *If you're worried that children or pets might tip the tree off of the box, use a metal stand and bolt it to the box (just make sure the box is sturdy). This will increase the stability of your tree.

How can I make a Christmas tree skirt out of a blanket?

Sew What?!

Let's face it, Christmas can get expensive. Between buying gifts, a nice tree, and decorations, most people don't really feel like splurging on things like Christmas tree skirts. Before you go off an a tangent about how you're not the sewing type, relax—I'm not asking you to learn how to sew a Christmas tree skirt!

The truth is that you don't need to be Holly Homemaker or anything close to it to pull off a great-looking skirt without picking up a needle and thread or spending a fortune. Want a tip? You really don't need a perfectly crafted Christmas skirt. In fact, you don't need a “skirt” at all. Use an old blanket that you have around the house or pick up an inexpensive blanket that matches your decorating color scheme. Then, wrap the blanket around the base of your tree. You'll save time and money and no one will ever know the difference.

How can I keep the dog from drinking out of the Christmas tree base?

Puppy-Proof Your Tree Base

Everyone knows that there's nothing more appealing to a pooch than that tree stand filled with water. For some reason dogs always find the water in the base of the tree more appealing than the water sitting in their bowls. What can you do?

Well, no matter how many times you tell him “No!,” if your dog is like mine he'll likely find a way to get his snout right back into that base. There is, however, a clever solution. Buy some chicken wire mesh and cut it to fit around the base and the stand. Then secure it with twisty ties or rope.

This creation may look a little gaudy and rough but have no fear—Christmas tree skirts are the perfect solution! Drape your skirt over the chicken wire and your base is thirsty puppy-proof!

How can I create a truly special Christmas tree skirt?

Make a Memento Out of That Christmas Skirt

Why not transform a Christmas tree skirt into a great family project? Buy a simple one-colored skirt, lay it out, and let the whole family paint patterns, sign it, and date it. Before you get started, however, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Use fabrics that won't run or ravel like fleece, felt, or stretch velvet.
  • Use acrylic craft paint instead of fabric paint, which can be a pain to get off of skin.
  • Don't dwell on mistakes. First of all the skirt will be under the tree and hardly visible. Secondly, all of those little errors will be mementos, year after year.

How can I easily water my tree?

Make Watering That Tree Easy

Once you've decorated your tree, set up your Christmas tree skirt, and surrounded it with gifts, it's a pain to move it around to water that tree.

Want an easy fix? Here's a great idea: Purchase a funnel and three to four feet of vinyl tubing to slip over it. Attach the funnel/tube combo with rope or a twisty tie. Then, hiding it thoroughly, place the end of the tubing into the water chamber and pull the other side out through the skirt. Now, you can easily water the tree through the tubing without disrupting any aspect of the tree.

What is a great homemade Christmas gift idea?

Give a Heartfelt, Homemade Gift

Providing someone with a great Christmas gift shouldn't have to break the bank! News flash: Homemade, economical gifts can be seen as very thoughtful and heartfelt. Why not make someone a gift that they can reuse year after year. Want a great idea? Why not try a crochet Christmas tree skirt? Before you get started put some thought into the type of person that you're creating the skirt for. Here are some questions to think about to help you better assess the type of skirt you should crochet:

  • Do they have a Christmas decorating theme you should adhere to?
  • Do they like goofy patterns or would a plain color better suit them?
  • How large of a tree do they typically have?

You want that thing to be big enough. Once you have an idea of what you want to do, print out a free pattern online. Here is a fantastic website that offers a large selection of free skirt patterns:

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