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Should I have lots of big ornaments on my small tree?

Big Ornaments, Small Tree?

When you pull out your small tree to decorate it this year, take a look at the ornaments that will hang from that tiny tree. Are your ornaments large or small? Would you be able to see them well if they were hanging on a standard size Christmas tree? If the answer to that question is "yes", you might want to consider purchasing some smaller Christmas ornaments to adorn your little tree.

Think about decorating your little tree the same way you would if you were dressing a small child. You wouldn't put clothes that are two sizes too big on the child, because he would get lost in them and it would look pretty silly. The same goes for decorating a small Christmas trees. Ornaments that are too big can not only weigh down the branches, but also overpower the tree making it look unnatural. While ornaments add beauty to a small tree, you don't want to cover it completely with large decorations that will take away from the beauty of the tree. It is better to just keep it simple and small when decorating your small Christmas tree.

Who put up the first small Christmas tree?

The First Small Christmas Tree

Ever wonder who put up and decorated the first small Christmas tree? According to historical records, Martin Luther, the famed German monk who is credited with finding Protestantism, is said to have put up and decorated a small Christmas tree in the early 1500s.

Luther evidently decorated the small tree with candles. His sole purpose was to demonstrate to his kids how stars twinkle when it is dark outside. So, the next time someone wonders where the idea of decorating a small Christmas tree came from, you can share that it has been around for hundreds of years and it isn't such a new concept after all.

Can I put my small Christmas tree out during other holidays?

A Miniature Christmas Tree isn't Just for Christmas

Do you hate putting those miniature Christmas trees away after Christmas is over? You can actually keep your small Christmas tree up all year and decorate it according to the next holiday that is approaching.

When Easter rolls around, decorate the tree with eggs (not the edible kind, of course!), cute little chicks or bunnies and pink, blue or yellow ribbon. You can even add Easter themed lights.

When July 4th arrives, decorate that small tree with patriotic items, such as small flags, red, white and blue ribbon and an Uncle Sam hat.

At Thanksgiving, add some fall-themed items such as pumpkins, gourds and orange and brown ribbon and place it as the centerpiece on your dinner table.

Small Christmas trees aren't just for Christmas anymore.

Can I buy small trees that are already decorated.

Tree Decorating is Done for You

Even though decorating a Christmas tree is part of the fun of the season, many of us just don't have time to do it anymore!

Look for miniature trees with decorations already on them. Many have handcrafted ornaments and many follow a theme. Be prepared to pay a little more for pre-decorated trees because after all, you are paying for not only the decorations, but also the labor that goes into decorating the tree.

If you are crafty and have a way with decorating small trees, why not purchase some plain miniature trees, pick your own decorations and ribbon, decorate the mini tree and then sell them at bazaars or on eBay to make yourself some extra cash this holiday season!

Can I get different light colors on a mini Christmas tree?

White Lights or Colored?

One thing that is so great about buying a pre-lit mini Christmas tree is that you can have your pick of light or colored. Are you more a white light or clear light person? If you are looking for a mini Christmas tree that has only blue lights, you can find those also! If one color light is your thing, you can most likely find it on a mini Christmas tree.

What if you like all sorts of colored lights on your tree? Mini Christmas trees also come with multi-colored lights. Lights that are blue, green, red or yellow will light up your tiny tree and the spot you have it displayed.

You can find pre-lit mini Christmas trees online or in retailers across the country for very reasonable prices.

What are the types of mini Christmas trees?

Types of Mini Christmas Trees

Before you go out and buy a mini Chrsitmas tree, you will want to educate yourself about the different types so you can make an informed decision.

  • Pre-lit mini Christmas trees come with lights already attached to the tree, you simply plug the tree into an outlet and your tree is lit! This has the look of a more traditional Christmas tree, except smaller. You can get this type of pre-lit tree with LED lights to save energy and have brighter colored bulbs for a longer amount of time!
  • Plain mini Christmas trees are trees that come without lights. You will need to add your own lighting or add berries and garland for a personal touch!
  • LED fiber optic mini Christmas trees -- the big daddy of the mini tree! This type of mini Christmas tree has it all! It can rotate colors, has lights that last up to 10 years doesn't have a motor and the lights won't generate heat! The tree lights up by plugging in one light at the base of the tree.

Why are mini Christmas trees so popular?

Why Mini Christmas Trees?

If you have limited space, but still want to decorate for the holidays, then a mini Christmas tree is for you! Because this tree is so small, you can set it just about anywhere without losing a ton of space.

  • Want to celebrate the season at work, but the only spot you can decorate is your desk? Don't fret, buy a mini slim Christmas tree and set it at your workspace. Mini trees are often referred to as "desk top or tabletop trees" because they fit so easily on a table or a desk!
  • Do you have a loved one in a nursing home or hospital during the holidays? Mini trees are popular in these places because they don't take up much space and can brighten up a room. LED mini trees are especially popular in these types of places because the lights won't overheat the tree, which could cause a fire.
  • Mini LED fiber optic Christmas trees are popular because they are easy to assemble and light up simply by plugging them in -- no lights to untangle!
Now that you know why people buy mini Christmas trees, what are you waiting for? You can visit for these cool mini Christmas trees!

What is something I could do with a small white Christmas tree?

Unique Idea for Small Christmas Trees

Although white Christmas trees don't look natural, they can add a bit of fun to your holiday season.

If purchasing a small white Christmas tree to use as your primary tree isn't for you, you may want to consider purchasing a small one to make something unique. You can cut out felt pieces or use scrap fabric pieces in the shape of eyes, a mouth, a hat, gloves and a belt. Next, hot glue them onto the tree thus making your white Christmas tree into Santa Claus. If you don't want to make Santa, you can use the fabric and felt to make anything related to Christmas, like an elf, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph or a snowman. The possibilities are endless if you use a creative mind when it comes to small white Christmas trees.

What are animated Christmas trees?

Animated Mini Christmas Trees

Looking for something a little different this holiday season to spruce up the outside of your house? You might want to consider a set of animated mini Christmas trees that are synchronized to music. You can actually purchase a set of mini Christmas trees that blink to programmed Christmas music. Not only will your house look wonderful on the outside, but you will also entertain passersby with some great holiday tunes!

Many of these animated mini trees are made with LED lights, which saves you money on your electric bill. As these cool little trees change colors to the music, you may actually think you see the trees swaying along with the beat. Be prepared to pay for these, as some retailers charge thousands of dollars for a set of four.

If you don't have the big bucks to shell out for animated mini trees such as these, you can always find a more scaled down version with a better price tag at a local retailer near you, or do a major search engine search on the Internet.

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