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How can I weatherproof my artificial LED fiber optic tree?

Go Ahead and Put That Artificial LED Fiber Optic Tree Outside!

An artificial LED fiber optic tree will look great in your home but it will look even better as an exterior decoration. If you really want to make your outdoor Christmas decorations stand out from the rest of the yards on the block, put your dazzling investment smack dab in your front lawn. These beauties are very durable, are not in danger of bursting into flames, and look phenomenal.

If you are going to put your tree on the lawn, you may want to take into consideration the durability of any additional decorations you add. Make sure you add accents that are weatherproof. In other words, don't drape silk ribbons that may tear or bleed over the tree and don't cover it with breakable glass ornaments that might blow off in the wind and shatter.

How can I childproof my Christmas tree?

Make Your Tree Safe for Children

There's no denying that artificial LED fiber optic trees are appealing to the eye. However, as inviting as you think these trees look, they will be completely irresistible to toddlers. To any tiny child, a beautifully decorated and lighted Christmas tree will look like a dazzling, sparkling wonderland covered with toys. How can you keep your children and that poor tree safe?

Here are some super tips:

  • Refrain from using breakable ornaments that may plummet to the floor and shatter.
  • Refrain from putting ornaments on lower, reachable areas of the tree.
  • Don't decorate your tree with smaller objects that might me swallowed (this includes tinsel).
  • Completely avoid sharp decorations.
  • Use a sturdy stand that will prevent your tree from tipping.
  • Put your tree in a playpen—they have the ability to keep tykes in so they can do the opposite, right?

What's so great about fiber optic trees?

The Skinny on Fiber Optic Trees

LED artificial fiber optic trees are exciting products that have fiber optics built right in. These beautiful trees transmit light through hundreds of tiny fibers and emit it along each branch. These trees can light up a room by creating dazzling light displays. In addition, they use very little electricity to do so. Fiber-optic trees do not give off heat, only light, which makes them extremely safe for any home.

As if a fiber optic tree isn't great enough, a LED fiber optic tree is even better. LED lights have a life span of around 200,000 hours, that's guaranteed to get you at least 20 years of life out of your dazzling new purchase.

How can I buy a tree that has a personality all of its own?

A Kaleidoscope of a Tree

A Christmas tree is just a tree until you transform it with decorations—that is unless you purchase a tree that has a personality all of its own. A LED artificial fiber optic tree is a smart investment because, whether you choose to add your own personal touch or not, the tree will look spectacular and add life to any room.

A tree with fiber optics has the ability to change your family room into a fantastical wonderland with thousands of twinkling fiber-optic lights! A tree like this may appear unassuming when you first take it out of the packaging, but by simply plugging it into the nearest outlet, you can create a spectacular kaleidoscope of scintillating colors.

How can I turn my living room into a Christmas wonderland?

Make Your Own Christmas Wonderland

Once you've set up your LED fiber optic Christmas trees, you'll see that they need little decorating. This will leave you more time to focus on decorating the rest of your home. Want some ideas? Christmas is a magical time so why not make a temporary extreme change to your living room? Ever wish you had a beautiful Christmas wonderland in your own home? You can! Remove all of your normal décor (paintings, vases, plants, etc.) and store them in a safe place. Next, string up garland, hang stockings, line the falls with festive Christmas pictures (even if they're merely magazine cut-outs).

*If you want an even more dramatic effect, transform your furniture as well. Buy some festive holiday slipcovers or make some yourself and cover your ordinary furniture.

How can I turn my living room into a winter wonderland?

Transform Your Family Room

Use your LED fiber optic tree as a starting point to turn your family room into a winter wonderland. Once you have assembled the tree, use decorating cotton to create the illusion that your tree is covered with fresh, white snow. Place wads of the stuff in the spaces between the branches and be sure to distribute it evenly throughout the tree.

Next, cover the tree with brilliant white and silver ornaments.

Finish your tree decorating off by cutting up white ribbon and tying tiny white bows all over your tree. To get the kids involved, help them to create dozens of paper snowflakes using white paper and scissors (for a dramatic effect, accent the flakes with silver glitter). Then, hang the snowflakes around the room using clear fishing line and tape. You'll be amazed at the transformation that your family room undergoes!

What can I add to my LED fiber optic trees?

You Can't Overdo Christmas Decorations

LED fiber optic trees come straight to your door ready to dazzle you with their light displays. There's no rule that says, however, that you can't add your own personal decorations to the tree (even though it will look beautiful without them). A good rule of thumb is that you can't go wrong with garland. Here are some garland application hints:

  • The amount of garland needed to decorate a tree is dependent on the size of the tree. About 10 foot of garland is generally needed for each foot of the tree.
  • Place garlands in straight or diagonal lines arrange in gently sagging patterns for a more delicate look.
  • Using a variety of different garland assortments can create a more dramatic effect..
  • Wind garland around the branches to secure it.
  • Use anything you like to make your own garland (popcorn, beads, ribbon, flowers, candy, shells, etc.).

Are fiber optic trees a fire hazard?

Fiber Optic Trees are a Safe Selection

When dealing with ordinary Christmas trees, there are always safety issues. Christmas lights can grow very hot and, if they are cracked or damaged, they can definitely become fire hazards. Additionally, Christmas trees can get very dry—it's inevitable. And, as you can imagine, this makes the possibility of a fire breaking out even more of a possibility.

All hope is not lost, however, just make a smarter decision when shopping for a Christmas tree. LED artificial fiber optic Christmas trees are a very wise decorating decision. Fiber optic Christmas trees are safe to use around the whole family. The lights in the tree do not reach accelerated temperatures nor do they use UV rays in the line or point source of the fiber strands; there is no risk of it catching fire.

What is the smartest Christmas tree choice?

LED Trees are Beneficial

Any old Christmas tree will be fine if you add the perfect decorations, right? Wrong! If you pick up any old tree you're settling for less. Instead make a smart investment and treat your family to a LED fiber optic Christmas tree. What makes them so great? Here are just a few of the benefits of having one of these beauties:

  • They are very energy efficient. LEDs use at least 10 times less energy than the average Christmas light bulb (usually a lot more, depending on the bulb size).
  • They have staying power; some LED lights can last up to 20 years.
  • They are extremely safe. LED lights maintain a cool temperature and will never catch fire.
  • They are sturdy—the epoxy lenses are virtually indestructible.
  • They don't rely on each other—one bad bulb won't ruin the bunch.

What are fiber optics?

Fiber Optics 101

What, exactly, is fiber optics? It's a type of technology that uses glass or plastic threads to transmit data. A fiber optic cable is composed of a bunch of glass threads, each of which is able to transmit messages adapted onto light waves. This is a very technical definition but, in simpler terms, it's those tiny, twinkling strands (like the ones seen on a LED artificial fiber optic Christmas tree that illuminate your family room with dazzling colors).

*When you go with a fiber optic tree you can create a light source that goes beyond simple twinkle lights and ornaments and makes a statement.

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