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How can I make a sturdy tree stand?

Make That Stand Sturdy

A good Christmas tree stand is a sturdy Christmas tree stand. Pick a stand that is strong enough to support your tree without tipping over. In addition, select a stand that can hold a lot of water so the tree won't dry out. The reservoir should be able to hold at least a half-gallon of water but more is better.

Here's a hint: create your own stand using a metal bucket, some sand, and some water. Fill a two and a half gallon metal bucket with sand and water, enough to keep the tree upright and sturdy. The sand will hold the water but add another cup of water each day to keep the tree hydrated.

How can I make sure that a stand will support my artificial tree?

Can Your Artificial Tree Stand Support That Tree?

Just because you don't have to fill it with water doesn't mean that you don't have to put any thought into the selection of an artificial Christmas tree stands. An artificial Christmas tree is an investment that you'll want to protect so make sure that you pick a stand that can support it.

The good news is that many artificial trees come with stands that are specially designed to hold them steady. If they do not, however, choose one wisely. Artificial Christmas trees range greatly in weight depending on height, width, and the amount of lights on them (assuming that they come equipped with lights).

Take note of the weight stated on the packaging of your tree and add in the weight of any additional ornaments, lights, or accents that you plan on adding. Then, find a stand that is capable of supporting that amount of weight.

What happens if the water level in my tree stand gets too low?

Keep Your Tree Trunk Under Water

Sure that cast iron Christmas tree stand may look nice while it holds your tree upright but, unless you keep the water supply inside of it full, your tree will end up drying out. It is essential that your tree has an adequate amount of water at all times or you might as well drag it to the curb. Fill up the water reservoir in your stand and keep it full.

If you let the water level to fall so low that it allows the trunk to be exposed to air. Once the trunk meets the air it will seal over, which will prevent it from being able to take in more water. In other words, if you neglect the tree and add water later, the quick fix won't do you any good.

How can I make my rotating tree look good from every angle?

Make That Rotating Tree Presentable

Using a rotating Christmas tree stand is a great way to display every beautiful angle of that fantastic tree. The stand will slowly rotate, showing off every inch of your tree. If you're going to use a stand like this, it's important that every part of the tree is presentable; in other words, if you run out of that tinsel, don't skimp out on the back of the tree, go out and get some more. Evenly disperse your decorations and make sure that each side of the tree is equally beautiful.

*If you plan on investing in a rotating tree stand it's smart to choose a tree that's symmetrical. The easy fix to this situation is to pick an artificial tree. If you go the live route, however, pick a full, symmetrical tree like a Fraser Fir.

Should I add something to the water in my Christmas tree stand?

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

I'm sure you heard or read about countless different ways to keep your tree looking fantastic by adding different things to the water in your tree stand. It's been rumored than adding things like bleach, syrup, sugar, or the even vodka to your tree water will prolong its life span.

Ready to hear the truth now? These are just rumors. Researchers have found that the best way to keep your tree looking as fresh as the day you purchased it is to use ordinary tap water—and it doesn't have to be spring or mineral water. Don't believe everything that you read, there are no miracle concoctions.

How can I be sure a stand will hold my tree?

Try Your Stand Out Before Buying a Tree

Whether you've invested in a fancy revolving Christmas tree stand or you're using a sturdy selection that you picked up at the local store, it won't do you any good if it won't support your tree. A strong stand that can hold your tree upright is essential to your tree's life span.

What can you do to ensure that your stand will hold your tree of choice? Why not test out the merchandise? When you head out to find a tree, bring the stand with you. Make sure that the tree trunk will fit into the stand and still leave enough room for an adequate water supply. If you have the tree with you, you can try it out with different trees and find the perfect fit.

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