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What is LED?

Get Familiar with LED

If you're looking into LED artificial Christmas trees, it's probably a good idea to know what you're buying. LED is an abbreviation for “light emitting diode”, an electronic device that lights up when electricity passes through it. LEDs are small and typically red in color (although they can be many colors).

One of the best aspects of these little devices is that they never burn out—which makes them perfect for your Christmas tree needs. Have you ever seen LEDs before? You're probably looking at some right now. See all those little lights on your computer monitor, modem, printer, hard drive, CD ROM drive and computer case? The ones used to signal that everything is on and functioning? Those, my friends, are LEDS.

How can I choose a realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree?

Don't Let Your Fake Tree Look Fake

If you buy an artificial Christmas tree it's going to look fake, right? Wrong. If your artificial tree looks plastic then you picked poorly. To find the most genuine-looking tree possible, look for the one with the highest branch tip count. The fuller a tree is, the more realistic it will look. Trees with lower branch tip counts tend to look thin and artificial.

Another good tip is not to choose a tree based on the picture on the box. Sure, that artificial tree may look great in the picture but that's JUST A PICTURE. Instead, examine the artificial trees on display in stores. Weighing an artificial tree down with strands of Christmas lights will also take away from its fullness.

When you wrap an artificial tree with lights it is likely that you will expose some of the internal areas of the tree that will make your fake look sparse, bare, and, well…fake. Instead, think about getting a LED Christmas tree. LED trees come readily equipped with lights. Lights, might I add, that will never have to be replaced. This way, you'll skip the hassle without sacrificing any of the beauty.

Are LED trees a smart investment, economically?

The Economic Advantages of LED Christmas Trees

Artificial LED Christmas trees can do more for you than you might imagine. In addition to saving you the annual cost of buying a live tree every year and saving you the trouble of cleaning up needles, LED trees offer so much more, economically. Here are just a few of the economic advantages you will receive by investing in a LED tree:

  • LED lights won't burn out For 20 Years!
  • The bulbs are solid and flameproof so they won't break or catch fire
  • Will save 80% to 90% on electric costs you would spend on regular Christmas lights
  • They have no filaments, so the bulbs are a lot cooler and are easy to handle—even when lit
  • Fireproof, shatterproof, and UL approved; your home will be safer

Do LED lights burn out?

Get with the LED Program

While some may argue that artificial Christmas trees look too plastic or fake, a recorded 70% of American Christmas tree consumers have purchased one. Having an artificial Christmas tree makes thing a lot more convenient. For one, they're a one time purchase—no heading out to buy a new one every year.

In addition, there's no upkeep; you won't have to crawl around picking up pesky needles or water that thing everyday. If you really want to sweeten the artificial Christmas tree pot, look into LED artificial trees. With one of these practical trees you can throw away those tangled wads of twinkling lights and forget about ever changing bulbs. LED trees are covered with beautiful tiny lights that will light up Christmas after Christmas without fail. This is a smart investment.

How reliable are LED lights?

The Gift that Keeps on Giving…for 200,000 hours

What's so great about LED Christmas trees? Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are made from tiny chips that are very similar to the ones used in computers. The chips convert electricity into light without using filaments or bulbs. Instead, the versatile chips are enclosed in plastic that can be molded into countless sizes and shapes.

In addition, LEDs can last 200,000 hours—I think that about covers the rest of your Christmases. Imagine never having to change pesky bulbs on tangles strings of lights again! LEDS are so reliable that they are taking the place of light bulbs in a variety of applications that are a standard in all of our everyday lives. Just a few of these applications include:

  • Traffic lights
  • Brake lights
  • Emergency exit signs

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