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Where can I place my fiber optic tree?

Where to Put a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

The great thing about a fiber optic Christmas tree is its versatility in the home. You can place one of these trees almost anywhere.

For instance, a small fiber optic tree can be placed in a home office, a child's bedroom or even a bathroom. This can dress up a room and make it feel warm and full of holiday spirit. Set your fiber optic tree on the floor, a dresser or a countertop to add beauty to these rooms. Place a larger fiber optic tree in front of a window to display the beauty to the outside, as well.

Are fiber optic Christmas trees safe?

Are Fiber Optic Trees Safe?

Fiber optic trees are actually very safe. Many fiber optic Christmas trees are no longer made with halogen bulbs, instead they are made with LED lights. Another plus to fiber optic trees? There is no motor in the base, so you don't have to worry about the motor running and overheating in a tree such as this. Plus, without a motor, you won't have that annoying noise that a motor brings.

Since there is no heat generated in a fiber optic tree, you can feel safe and secure putting one up in your home this holiday season.

What if my fiber optic Christmas tree lights don't work?

What if a Light Burns Out?

We hear all the benefits of a fiber optic tree, but what happens if a light burns out on your fiber optic Christmas tree? Since fiber optic lights aren't like traditional lights where you can replace one bulb when it burns out, what do you do if the lights aren't working?

The answer is easy. If the lights on your fiber optic Christmas tree are no longer working; it means the light unit probably needs replacing. You can purchase the light units at the store you bought the tree or do an online search for that specific type of light unit. Many other units just allow you to simply replace the bulb, whether it is a multi-colored bulb unit or a white bulb. Pretty easy, right?

Should I buy a fiber optic tree or a pre-lit tree?

Fiber Optic or Pre-Lit? Which One is Right for You?

Fiber optic Christmas trees and pre-lit trees both have their advantages, so deciding between the two may be difficult. It really comes down to what works best for you or your family.

Pre-lit Christmas trees can come with LED bulbs for bright-colored lights on the tree. This type of light lasts longer and saves you money on your electric bill. A pre-lit Christmas tree has the appearance of a traditional Christmas tree when it is and isn't lit.

Fiber optic Christmas trees can also come with LED lights, meaning this would save you money and the lights last up to 10 years, like pre-lit Christmas trees do. Fiber optic trees take on a more designer flare to them when compared to a traditional pre-lit tree. A fiber optic Christmas tree won't have the type of Christmas lights on them that you would normally relate to Christmas.

If you really want to continue with a more traditional tree at Christmas, then a pre-lit tree may be for you. If you want a more designer flare with a little less tradition when it comes to lights, a fiber optic tree may be the right choice for you! Both are really lovely choices when it comes to Christmas trees.

What is a fiber optic Christmas tree?

What is a Fiber Optic Christmas Tree?

A fiber optic Christmas is tree is a fairly new type of tree and is growing in popularity! These cool trees look like your average tree until you plug it in. Your tree will brighten with fiber optic rays of light cascading from the branches of the tree, watch as the colors change throughout the tree and enjoy the magic that is a fiber optic tree.

While not a traditional pre-lit Christmas tree, with a fiber optic tree you won't have lights in cases throughout the tree, instead you will notice that just the tips of the branches have small, fiber optic lights on them. You simply plug the fiber optic tree into an AC outlet and your tree is lit! Your fiber optic tree will twinkle and sparkle for hours on end. Often times a fiber optic Christmas tree is referred to as a designer tree because of the classy way it looks with the thousands of tiny lights that twinkle throughout.

Can I decorate my fiber optic tree?

Is a Fiber Optic Tree Okay to Decorate?

What would be the point of purchasing a fiber optic Christmas tree to use as your actual tree this holiday if you couldn't decorate it? If you are intending to purchase a fiber optic Christmas tree this season, feel free to decorate it.

Many Internet sites may recommend that you decorate your fiber optic tree with only lightweight ornaments. Because the fiber optic light strand is similar to fishing wire, many believe that anything too heavy will damage the light source. Essentially it is up to you, most fiber optic Christmas trees can be decorated in the same manner with the same decorations you would use on a pre-lit Christmas tree. It is suggested to simply read the instructions that come with the fiber optic tree after purchase to see what is recommended for the brand of tree you have purchased if you are apprehensive about putting heavier decorations on your fiber optic tree.

A good fiber optic Christmas tree will have reinforced branches meaning they are extra strong and will hold even the heaviest of ornaments. If you want to ensure that purchase a fiber optic tree such as this, you will want to look for "reinforced branches" on the description.

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