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How can I bring the smells of Christmas back into my home if I purchase an artificial Christmas tree?

The Good Scents of an Artificial Christmas Tree

Faced with the prospect of ditching that cut-tree for an artificial tree, a lot of people complain that it won't smell the same and it's true. Unless, that is, you purchase one of the many pine-scented sprays on the market. A quick spritz to your white Christmas tree before the guests arrive won't fool anybody, but it might let you hang on to the nostalgia of Christmas past. Also, no matter what the marketing campaign has to say, sprays typically don't last very long. So, unless you want to spend your evening surreptitiously spraying pine scent all over the place (and possibly onto your guests' food and clothing), you might want to rethink that option.

When you purchase a tree, you're getting a realistic-looking tree that looks good in the light of day, and under the glow of lights in the evening. To recapture that good old-fashioned Christmas spirit, try lighting scented candles to fill your home and your heart with memories. Don't overdo it! Consider any allergies or bronchial problems that your family or friends may have, and make sure to purchase higher-end, good quality candles. Look for cranberry, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate or candy cane scented candles. Use your imagine and think beyond traditional pine scents.

What's the benefit of a no-plug, pre-lit L.E.D. artificial Christmas tree?

No Fuss Fake Christmas Tree

There was a time when families had to move furniture away from a corner of the living room so that they'd have a place to stand their Christmas tree. The spot had to be away from heaters, or heating elements, and usually had to be anchored to the wall with a nail and a string (especially if it was a large, real tree). Even with some of the newer artificial Christmas trees, lights still have to be strung which means the tree has to be somewhere in the vicinity of an electrical outlet. The constraints of this type of artificial tree can really limit your options.

On the market now are designer and classic artificial Christmas trees that need no electrical outlets. It's really just a matter of plugging an LED unit into the base of the tree, which means the artificial tree can be set up pretty much anywhere in your home. This kind of technology makes it possible to accommodate your artificial Christmas tree to your home, not the other way around.

All you need is a simple adapter. Once you decide where you'd like to setup your tree, the hardest decision you're going to have to make is what color it'll be on any given night. Do you want your neighbors to see a brilliant splash of multi-colored lights glowing from the tree as they drive past your home, or would you prefer to feast your eyes on the classy simplicity of pure white lights? Remember, with a pre-lit LED artificial Christmas tree, you have the option of putting your tree anywhere in the house, including in front of your living room window.

Who could I buy a table top artificial Christmas tree for this season?

A Good Cause for Christmas

As the Christmas season gets closer, more and more organizations are reaching out in search of donations or volunteers to help out. Places like food banks, animal shelters, nursing homes, cancer research campaigns, schools, and churches all vie for the generous hearts of the public. Giving money is probably one of the easiest ways to make that contribution, but it's not the same as showing up in person and really seeing the difference you're making to someone's health and happiness.

If you're looking for a way to really make someone smile this Christmas season, consider purchasing small, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees to donate to nursing homes, senior residences, a down-and-out neighbor, to a school, your favorite nonprofit organization or any place where the glow of an artificial Christmas tree would be welcome.

Whether you're purchasing a table-top fake Christmas tree for a charity, a good friend, or a neighbor, it's bound to be one of the best gifts they ever got and it's something that will be used for years to come.

How can I make my Christmas less frustrating and safer?

Turning Down the Heat of Christmas

There was a time when moms and dads everywhere dreaded the nuisance of stringing up the Christmas lights. First, they had to be untangled from the box in which they were stored the previous year. Then, they had to be plugged in to determine whether or not they even worked. Sometimes, if one light was out, the whole string of lights wouldn't work. What a pain in the candy cane! The bulbs came in standard colors of red, blue or clear, and were the size of lemons. In fact, they gave off so much heat that they had to have aluminum backing to protect the tree.

Now, with the advent of LED pre-lit trees, there's no more worry about excessive heating. These days, when you reach your arm behind the tree for that special Christmas present, you don't have to worry about getting third-degree burns from the Christmas tree lights.

If you want to do away with tangled cords and fire hazards this Christmas, consider introducing your family to one of these new LED artificial Christmas trees.

Why would I want to buy a white Christmas tree?

The Promise of a White Christmas

A rainbow of colors is nice, but a lot of people appreciate the look of pure white. Whether it's the first fresh snowfall of the season, or the uniform look of a house decorated in nothing but white, there's something special about the purity of white. A white Christmas tree really makes a dramatic statement in any home. Imagine the clean, fresh look of that white Christmas tree in your home, mimicking a fresh snowfall, wearing your favorite Christmas decorations with style. Now go one step further and imagine the option of setting the tree ablaze with a wash of colored lights, or enhancing its beauty even further with the intensity of white lights.

Whether you're in a hot, warm climate, or an area with harsh cold winters, most people associate a great Christmas with family, friends, and a light fresh snowfall. With the invention of white artificial Christmas trees, you can now have it all. In fact, if the idea of a 10 foot white artificial Christmas tree is too much, consider something smaller. Maybe you'd like a splash of Christmas cheer in your foyer, or something to bring brilliance to your den.

Maybe a few extra trees around the house this year is just what you need to kick up the Christmas cheer a few notches!

How do I know the artificial Christmas tree I choose will be right for my home?

Fashion and the Fake Christmas Tree

Have you ever been shopping and spotted what you thought was the perfect piece of art, or a piece of furniture that would finally complete your interior look? The same thing happens to people with the artificial tree. Picture it: You're walking down the street, hands deep in your pockets, a light frost reveals your breath. A warm store decorated in rich, classy Christmas decorations beckons you within. Inside, the smell of scented nutmeg candles makes you smile. You blink once and then again. Suddenly you see them ... dozens of artificial Christmas trees in every shape and size. Each one is a sight to behold, but your eyes settle on “the one.” You're positive it will be perfect for your living space and you buy it on the spot, no questions asked.

Uh oh. Once home, the tree doesn't have the same allure. It's a beautiful tree, but you didn't take your space into consideration. The tree might be too big or too small. Maybe it overwhelms the room, or looks like a shell of its true self in your home. Unfortunately, that's oftentimes the reality of impulse shopping. The best way to avoid this kind of disappointment and hassle involved with returning the tree to the store, is to do a little pre-planning.

  1. Determine where you're going to place your artificial tree before shopping.
  2. Measure the height of the ceiling. Do you want your tree to reach for the sky, or would you prefer something a little shorter?
  3. Take into account your furniture, room for gifts, entertainment space around the tree, etc.
  4. Consider your home décor before buying a designer tree. You want your artificial Christmas tree choice to align with your tastes.
  5. Consider purchasing your artificial Christmas tree online for more variety.

What should I know about Christmas tree ornaments?

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of the best ways to express the cheer and meaning of the Christmas celebration. Just think of all the different themes and feelings you can convey merely through your Christmas ornaments. Try to think of your Christmas tree decorations as telling a story or reflecting your unique way of celebrating Christmas. Even small things can really make a big difference in your Christmas decorating.

It is the commercial Christmas ornaments and homemade Christmas ornaments that are little memorabilia, spread amongst the branches of your Christmas tree that make it truly your own.

How can I make fake tree branches look fuller?

Fluff Those Branches

So, you've purchased your wholesale artificial tree and now you want to make the most out of it, where do you start? First, set up your tree according to manufacturer instructions (these should be inside the package). After the tree is assembled it's time to start shaping the limbs or branches.

Make sure that all of the rows are evenly spaced and that the spaces between each row of branches are minimal (this will make the tree look fuller). Be sure to curve the tips in accordance with the instructions to make the tree look as realistic as possible.

*After being crammed in the box for so long the needles of the tree will definitely be smooshed to an extent. Fluff all of the needles on the branches with your hands until they look fuller—run your fingers against the grain of the needles.

What are some Christmas safety tips I should follow?

Christmas Safety Tips on Electric Socket Overload

Sometimes at Christmas, we tend to go a bit overboard with electric lights and gadgets, putting a dangerous strain on our power supplies. For a good Christmas safety tip, it is best not to plug more than three set of lights into one another or to add too many extension cords into the same outlet. Otherwise, you'll risk tripping a circuit or worse yet cause an electrical fire.

What Christmas safety tips should I take when using old light sets from my artificial Christmas trees?

Christmas Safety Tips - Remember to Check the Lights Before Use

One of the downsides of an illuminated Christmas is the increased risk of electrical fires from your artificial Christmas tree. Exericse Christmas safety tips, and check each individual strand of lights for faulty wiring before adding them to your tree. Even the slighest spark can set dried pine needles aflame, so throw out any questionable light sets immediately.

What is it like growing Christmas trees?

Growing Christmas Trees

More than one million acres are planted in Christmas tree farms. Each year these farms cut and sell over 35 million real Christmas trees during Christmas celebrations. More than 2,000 trees are usually planted per acre. On average only 1,000-1,500 of these trees will survive. In the North about 750 trees will remain. Almost all trees require shearing to attain the Christmas tree shape. At six to seven feet, trees are ready for harvest. It takes six to ten years of fighting heavy rain, wind, hail and drought to get a mature tree.

What should I look for in fake tree branches?

Tell Tale Signs of a Cheap Tree

It's important that you understand that all fake Christmas trees are not created equally. Although most artificial Christmas trees needles are composed of poly-vinyl, the levels of quality differ greatly. Pay attention to the length and softness of the needles and find a texture that you like. It's also a good idea to examine the branches.

  • Are the needles sparse?
  • Are there brown or darker green areas visible?

The fullness of an artificial tree is important. If a fake tree isn't full enough it will appear fake and cheap. Another aspect of cheaper constructed Christmas trees is the shape of the branches. Poorly made trees will have branch tips that are square; a branch that is sculptured or rounded will look a lot more realistic. The wire within the branches is also an important element of the tree.

If you plan on putting any kind of decorations on your tree, make sure that the wire in the branches can support it. Cheaper trees will have thinner branches that are likely to bend and break under significant weight.

How should I care for Christmas trees?

How to Care for Christmas Trees

Here's a helpful Christmas tip. When you buy a cut Christmas tree for your Christmas celebrations, you need to check it for freshness.

Gently grab a handful of needles and see if any fall off. If they do, you need to water the Christmas tree. Cut off an inch or so from the bottom and make sure the tree is suspended in a suitable container of water. Or, you can forget all that inconvenience and just enjoy your tree instead of keeping it on life support.

Artificial Christmas trees are a great way to enjoy the beauty of a Christmas tree without the mess. And when the season is over, you won't create a trail of dead pine needles as you drag the old tree out of the house, take it to a recycling center, cut it up for firewood, or find some other way to dispose of the Christmas tree. Artificial Christmas trees will pack up neatly and stay beautiful Christmas after Christmas.

I have an artificial tree that we no longer want, thinking of putting it in my garden.I would like to spay it with snow, how can i weatherproof it so the fake snow dosnt wash off in the rain?

Weatherproofing Outdoor Christmas Trees

In order to weatherproof your artificial Christmas tree and keep the artificial snow from washing off in the weather while in your garden, you need to purchase a spray sealer. You can find this at any hardware store or large chain store like Wal-Mart.

This sealer can be clear spray paint or a clear sealent. The clear spray paint is the cheaper way to go, thus saving you money in the long run. Just be sure to spray on the snow first and then spray the clear sealer on top after the snow dries some. This will also give your tree a glittering look!

How can I create an underwater Christmas tree?

Make an Underwater Christmas Tree

If you are lucky enough to reside somewhere that allows you to host outdoor Christmas parties during which your guests won't freeze, your decorating options are more vast.

We all know that decorating trees in your yard and hanging ribbons, wreaths and bows make for nice holiday décor but, if you have a swimming pool and want something truly unique, try this idea: Securely attach a bunch of glow sticks to an artificial Christmas tree (twisty-ties are great for this purpose). Then, anchor the tree and place it in the deep end of the pool, just make sure you buy a tree that will fall below the water level. You have now created a unique, underwater Christmas tree that will awe your guests (especially during a nighttime display).

You can be sure that they will have never seen anything like it.

How can I make sure that my artificial tree won't tip over?

Don't Let Your Artificial Tree Get Tipsy!

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree is a task that you should put some thought into. Trees can get heavy and you'll want a tree that is fully supported and will not collapse.

You'll want to make a smart decision when it comes to the material of which the stand is composed. Is it made of plastic or metal? A plastic stand is likely to break a lot more easily than a metal one—especially under stress. Metal trees are strong, durable, and probably the smarter choice for a heavier tree.

Keep in mind that a fully lit tree will weigh a whole lot more (probably twice as much) as one without lights. Additionally, those decorations are going to pack on some extra weight. Think damage control—if children and/or pets will be around the tree you'll want to test it several times to make sure that it will not be tipped easily.

What is the history of the Christmas tree?

History of the Christmas Tree

The decorated Christmas tree can be traced back to the ancient Romans who during their winter festival decorated trees with small pieces of metal during Saturnalia, a winter festival in honor of Saturnus, the god of agriculture.

What are some facts on Christmas ornaments history?

Christmas Ornaments History

Sixteenth century folklore credits Martin Luther as being the first to put Christmas tree ornaments on an indoor Christmas tree.

After a walk through a forest of evergreens with shining stars overhead, Luther tried to describe the experience to his family and showed them by bringing a Christmas tree into their home and decorating it with candles. Some historians claim that the first evidence of a lighted Christmas tree appeared more than a century after Martin Luther's death in 1546.

Are artificial Christmas trees pest free?

Our Artificial Christmas Trees are Pest free

Destructive wood boring insects have been found in artificial Christmas trees that have real wood trunks with bark attached. Our Christmas trees do not use wooden trunks and won't endanger trees in the US with dangerous insect pests.

These insects are Callidiellum villosulum and Callidiellum rufipenne, also known as brown fir longhorn beetle and Japanese cedar longhorn beetle. These insects are related to the Asian longhorn beetle which is currently being eradicated in Chicago and New York City.

There are no treatments that will kill these insects once they attack a tree. The tree must be cut down and the wood destroyed.

What are the benefits of a fake tree?

The Benefits of a Counterfeit

Everyone has been trying to convince you to go out and find artificial Christmas trees but why should you? The truth is that there are many benefits to buying a fake tree, here are just a few:

  • Artificial trees eliminate the hassle of having to go out and find that perfect tree and hack it down.
  • Artificial trees will not drop pine needles all over your floor nor will they have to be watered.
  • Artificial trees may cost more initially but they will last years—this will save you bundles of cash.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are a synch to put up and take down so you can put them up earlier than real trees and keep them up a lot longer.
  • Artificial trees are far less of fire hazard as they do not contain real needles that can burn easily.

How should I store my fake Christmas tree?

Get More for Your Money

If you want the most for your money when it comes to Christmas trees, find artificial Christmas trees that are of the highest quality. Sure, you may not want to shell out that extra money at first but you'll be thanking yourself later. Investing in a premium tree is a really smart decision. There are some trees out there that will last 10-15 years or longer—imagine the money you'll save in the years to follow! Additionally, imagine the convenience of simply pulling your tree out of the attic every year instead of hiking through the woods to find a fresh one.

Artificial christmas tree storage is important. If you want to keep your tree looking nice, the method you use to store it will make a big difference. Don't even think about cramming that tree into its original box—that box will be way to small once you have shaped your tree. The best way to store your tree is in a Christmas tree storage bag, this will allow your tree to keep its shape through the months ahead. In addition, you'll want to protect your investment from things like bugs and dust so make sure you buy a durable storage bag that will keep the harmful elements out.

What is the history of Christmas tree decorations?

History of Christmas Tree Decorations

An evergreen, the Paradise tree, was decorated with apples as a symbol of the feast of Adam and Eve which was held on December 24th during the middle ages. Christmas trees were sold in Alsace in 1531. Alsace was at that time a part of Germany. The Christmas trees were sold at local markets and set up in homes undecorated.

In the Ammerschweier in Alsace there was an ordinance that stated no person "shall have for Christmas more than one bush of more than eight shoe lengths."

What's the history of the artificial Christmas tree?

Artificial Trees Have Come a Long Way

America's first fake trees were produced around the 1930s by the Addis Brush Co.—they were made with the same machinery used to make toilet brushes! As you can imagine these trees weren't exactly realistic looking. Artificial trees have come a long way from toilet brushes.

Today's artificial trees, the most realistic ever, are created using petrochemicals. And, on top of the trees themselves improving, the technology of the trees has advanced even further. Today, instead of putting the trees together by attaching each branch one at a time, the trees come with hinged branches that don't need to be assembled one at a time. If you ask any person what the worst part about Christmas trees decorating is, they're likely to tell you that it's putting up the lights. Untangling and stringing lights can be a pain so why not avoid it.

The best fake Christmas trees come with the light already built in, completely eliminating the hassle of putting up lights.

How popular are artificial Christmas trees?

Artificial Christmas Trees are Catching On

Artificial Christmas trees are a growing part of Christmas celebrations. In 2002, 21% of United States households had a real tree, 48% had an artificial tree and 32% had no tree.

Today, artificial Christmas trees come in a wide range of styles. Predecorated Christmas trees and prelit Christmas trees make your Christmas decoration quick and easy.

How should I shop for an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree?

Shopping for an Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

What to consider when shopping for an artificial pre-lit Christmas tree

  • Number of lights
  • Number of Tips
  • Pole and Branch System

Branches: The weight of the branches is distributed to the strongest part of the tree, the support pole, eliminating instability. Branch system permit heavier gauge wire compared to traditional hinged construction. Our unique hinge construction permits each level of branches to be "fluffed" before the next level of branches are positioned for easier setup. Fewer parts ensure greater reliability.

Pole: The interior pole locking system is designed for superior stability increasing the ease of installation and storage.

Foliage: Lifelike foliage. Made of fade and crush resistant PVC needles, the dense foliage appears fresh-cut. We have even sculpted the branch tip to enhance the tree's realistic appearance. Safety-conscious design. We build our trees using only flame-retardant materials. Sturdy bases and trunks add heft to keep each tree firmly planted in an upright position.

Are artificial Christmas trees in special varieties hard to find?

The Fakes are Readily Available

So, you've got your heart set on a giant Douglas fir or Balsam fir to put in your living room for Christmas. You've heard they've got great shaping, full branches, rich color and superb needle retention. The problem is, however, that you can't find one anywhere.

Unfortunately, certain types of Christmas trees aren't available in every region—only the regions they're specific to. Whatever should you do? Look into artificial Christmas trees! Artificial trees are readily available in almost any variety (if you search you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for).

Additionally artificial trees come in different heights, fullness extremes, and colors. And, best of all, those artificial beauties are reusable so you can spare yourself the hunt next year.

What type of gift can I give a teacher, a co-worker, or volunteer in the community for Christmas?

Mini Artificial Christmas Tree Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift for your coworker, assistant or boss can be a daunting task. You don't want to buy something that will offend their sensibilities and you want to ensure it's something they will appreciate.

Consider buying a set of mini artificial Christmas trees as gifts. sells perfect 11-inch miniature LED trees that are battery-operated. You don't have to give everyone a whole set of them, just buy one set and individually wrap each artificial Christmas tree.

To really jazz up the gift, nestle each tree in its own box and spray a little pine scent on it for good measure. Add a few mini candy canes or include a small box of chocolates. Mini artificial Christmas trees make perfect gifts for anyone, male or female, young or old.

What's so great about pre-lit artificial trees?

Artificial Christmas Trees

Can you believe there was a time when candles were strategically placed on live Christmas trees and actually lit? When it comes to safety, the artificial Christmas tree industry has come a long way. But even that had to evolve to what it is today. Chopping down a forest for the holidays isn't popular by today's standards, and it wasn't popular in the mid 1800s when Germany had to put a stop to all the cutting. It was right around that time that they began to introduce table-top goose feather trees as a way to manage deforestation.

From the mid 1960s on, artificial Christmas trees began to gain popularity. There was no mess, they were safer than letting a real tree dry out beneath hot Christmas lights, and you could buy really “groovy” trees that were shiny silver.

Today, consumers have the benefit of choosing from a variety of trees including top-of-the line (and safe!) LED or fiber optic trees. LED (light emitting diodes) trees are designed to produce a high intensity light with minimal heating. That means you don't have to worry about your crazy cat knocking over the tree and starting a fire. It also means you can enjoy hours of glorious light on those dark winter nights, without worrying about high electric bills, or overheating and drying out a typical live tree.

Don't be afraid to get turned on to artificial Christmas trees! LED pre-lit trees are a safe and stunning alternative to a live tree.

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