Don't Let Your Fake Tree Look Fake

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How can I choose a realistic-looking artificial Christmas tree?

Don't Let Your Fake Tree Look Fake

If you buy an artificial Christmas tree it's going to look fake, right? Wrong. If your artificial tree looks plastic then you picked poorly. To find the most genuine-looking tree possible, look for the one with the highest branch tip count. The fuller a tree is, the more realistic it will look. Trees with lower branch tip counts tend to look thin and artificial.

Another good tip is not to choose a tree based on the picture on the box. Sure, that artificial tree may look great in the picture but that's JUST A PICTURE. Instead, examine the artificial trees on display in stores. Weighing an artificial tree down with strands of Christmas lights will also take away from its fullness.

When you wrap an artificial tree with lights it is likely that you will expose some of the internal areas of the tree that will make your fake look sparse, bare, and, well…fake. Instead, think about getting a LED Christmas tree. LED trees come readily equipped with lights. Lights, might I add, that will never have to be replaced. This way, you'll skip the hassle without sacrificing any of the beauty.



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