The Economic Advantages of LED Christmas Trees

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Are LED trees a smart investment, economically?

The Economic Advantages of LED Christmas Trees

Artificial LED Christmas trees can do more for you than you might imagine. In addition to saving you the annual cost of buying a live tree every year and saving you the trouble of cleaning up needles, LED trees offer so much more, economically. Here are just a few of the economic advantages you will receive by investing in a LED tree:

  • LED lights won't burn out For 20 Years!
  • The bulbs are solid and flameproof so they won't break or catch fire
  • Will save 80% to 90% on electric costs you would spend on regular Christmas lights
  • They have no filaments, so the bulbs are a lot cooler and are easy to handle—even when lit
  • Fireproof, shatterproof, and UL approved; your home will be safer



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