Skip the Hassle Involved with Exterior Holiday Decorating

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How can I decorate the exterior of my home for the holidays without using strings of lights?

Skip the Hassle Involved with Exterior Holiday Decorating

Just because your dead set on a freshly cut Balsam fir to display in your family room doesn't mean that you can't buy a LED artificial pre lit Christmas tree or two to decorate the exterior of your house with. If you're the type who likes the outside of your house to look as festive as the inside, you're not the only one.

The truth of the matter is, however, that lining the trees in your front lawn with strings of Christmas lights can be a pain. And, what's even more of a pain is the task of taking them down. Before you pick up some cheap plastic illuminated reindeer and a sleigh to slap in the middle of your lawn, why not consider a more tasteful decorating option? Place a couple of LED pre lit trees in your planters and arrange them around your lawn, walkway, or garden.

Whether you use the smaller trees, or splurge for the big ones, you will be able to add tasteful and beautiful holiday cheer to the exterior of your home without the hassle. And, the best part is that these trees are reusable and will last you decades—without ever even having to change annoying bulbs.



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