Wow Your Guests

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how can I create a dramtic contrast using LED pre lit trees and my live tree?

Wow Your Guests

So, you're having a holiday party in your home and you're out to impress…what can you do? First of all, get that gorgeous massive fir situated and decorate it perfectly. Use colors that coordinate with all of the other decorations you will be using in the room and around the house.

While the traditional red and green scheme is always a hit, incorporating ivory as well as gold and/or silver can give your home a much more eloquent feel. It's a good idea to use a lot of candles to create ambiance—but make sure the lighting is adequate enough to allow guests to navigate through your home. Do you have a lot of windows facing your back yard/ If so, here's an inspired idea that will have your guest “ooing” and “ahhing” all night long:

Place LED pre lit Christmas trees in sturdy planters and place them in areas where they can be viewed clearly through the windows from indoors. Arrange them on the patio or back lawn to create an eye-catching contrast to the live tree inside—especially if they are covered in snow.



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