Romantic Tree-lit Dinner for Two

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How can I make decorating a romantic gesture?

Romantic Tree-lit Dinner for Two

If your household is as busy as most, romantic candlelit dinners for two can be hard to come by. If you want to truly surprise your sweetheart, arrange a beautiful and tender dinner with a holiday theme. Aside from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, the holiday season can put even more chaos into your lives. It's hard to find the time to set up a tree, decorate, shop, and complete normal daily tasks! While you can't do everything for your special someone, you can help take the load off.

Here's a great idea: Order one of those great LED artificial prelit Christmas trees (if you want this to be a surprise have it delivered to your office or a neighbor's door). Then, before your honey gets home, set it up yourself—you'll be amazed at how quick and simple it is. Next, create place settings to impress; break out the crystal and fine china and even use those fancy cloth napkins.

Finally, order take-out from a nice restaurant and pop a holiday CD into the stereo. When you're sweetie gets home he or she will definitely appreciate the romantic and thoughtful gesture. And, to top it off, with the gorgeous glow from the tree you won't even need to light those candles.



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